State of the art technology, configured and deployed with technical support.

Smart Home Devices

Your smart home should make life simpler, not more confusing. Ansatel can unlock the potential of your smart home by turning the complexity and chaos associated with the Internet of Things into a dynamic and secure ecosystem.

Integrated Security

We help organizations expand their security capability, reduce risk, and eliminate hidden costs associated with non-integrated security systems. At Ansatel, our expertise allows us to integrate a vast selection of monitoring and security systems to maximize uptime and minimize losses.

Tracking Technology

Whether you need to track inventory, equipment, or anything else your business needs to keep tabs on, Ansatel uses innovative RFID and GPS tracking technologies to make sure you know exactly where your assets are at all times.


Ansatel phone system installers perform business telephone system installations for businesses of all sizes and can handle any needs. With nearly three decades of experience serving the Ontario community, we have the experience to make your phones run like clockwork.

Computing Devices

Knowing exactly what kind of computer systems you need to run your business can be confusing, especially when many companies try to sell you expensive upgrades you don’t need. At Ansatel, we can determine what you need to power your business- nothing more and nothing less.

Networking Hardware

The success of your business depends on a reliable network infrastructure. From servers to desktop workstations to switches to routers, Ansatel has the knowledge and expertise to build your IT network the right way.