Scalable Solutions

Big business requires big solutions. At Ansatel, we have the knowledge, experience, and the professional team necessary to handle your enterprise IT needs.

We understand that downtime equals lost dollars, which is why we go the extra kilometer to ensure our enterprise clients have access to all the tools necessary to handle any problem, large or small.

With our 24 hour Help Desk, your team will never be alone to handle any IT issues, because when you work with Ansatel, your team is part of our team.

Products & Services





Maintenance & Control

The best way to avoid costly problems is with regular preventative maintenance. Let us worry about maintenance cycles and limiting access to important network resources for you.

Asset Management

From cutting-edge tracking technologies to supply chain logistics, the professionals at Ansatel can help you keep your assets under control, saving substantial costs by avoiding unnecessary replacements and repairs.

Global Access

Competing in a global economy requires not just global thinking, but global access to your network infrastructure. The team at Ansatel wants to be your guide to global success.

On-Site Technicians

Unfortunately, things break down on occasion; it’s unavoidable. But what is avoidable is costly downtime due to a lack of trained technicians on-site. Absatel can make sure you have the people you need when and where you need them.

System Virtualization

By virtualizing your system, the possibilities for your business become endless. Let us help you unleash your company’s potential to compete in ways you never imagined.

24-Hour Help Desk

Your customers expect you to be working for them 24/7/365, so our dedicated Help Desk is available any time and anywhere you may need us.

Applicable Industries

Educational Institutes

Government Agencies

Health Care Providers

Financial Services

Key Benefits

No Downtime
Proactive Solutions
Scale for the Future
Customized Reports
Faster Response Time
Real-time Monitoring
Central Data Protection
Streamline IT Processes
Accessible IT Professionals

Give your business the right tools to succeed!

Any business operating on a global scale needs an IT partner with global experience. At Ansatel, we have the tools and the talent to help take your business as far as you want to go.